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Let's talk about Bristol...


Bristol is set to be a very exciting opening for us... It's our first bar that is more than an hour away from our beloved London and we are set to officially launch on the 26th February!

Bristol is dear to the hearts of many of our current team members including one of our founders, Leigh, who grew up there and our Operations Director, Andrew, who was clever enough to go to Bristol Grammar School (we know! We're wondering what's happened to his brains since as well!)

We have recruited a brand new team of wonderful Bristolians and we will be installing our former Reading general manager, Dan, to head up the team. To see that everyone settles in well, you will also be seeing a few of our training team down there a fair bit.

In fact, we will be doing something that we have never done before with this opening. Even though we are opening officially on the 26th February, we're going to be running a few soft launches to bed in our team and make sure everything is ship shape and perfect for you when we officially open. You can RSVP to one of these events by taking a look below at when you want to come along and 'buying' a ticket (the tickets are free, but we're doing it this way so you can RSVP properly).

To be at our soft launch on Friday 21st February, click here

To be at our soft launch on Saturday 22nd February, click here

To be at our soft launch on Sunday 23rd February, click here

To be at our soft launch on Monday 24th February, click here