A guide to Cuban life

This summer Be At One are taking you on a Cuban Adventure, with a Cuban inspired summer menu and our in-app passport. Collect your stamps when buying one of our summer drinks, and receive a complimentary 5th drink when you collect four stamps from our Summer passport.

Here is our guide to Cuban life:

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A brief history - Cuba

Here is everything you need to know about Cuba and its history - the bite size!

  • The first European to ever reach Cuba was the famous explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492
  • In 1511 Diego Velasquez conquered the island of Cuba and he founded several settlements including the now capital, Havana.
  • From 1526 the Spanish imported African slaves into Cuba.
  • Then in 1886 slavery in Cuba was abolished.
  • In 1952 Fulgencio Batista staged a political coup in Cuba and became its dictator.
  • Literacy rates and health care was relatively good during this period. Education in Cuba was of a high standard with Cuba becoming known for its writers.
  • Then in 1959 Fidel Castro led a revolution in Cuba. However, Castro did not bring freedom to Cuba, instead he made himself dictator. Castro introduced a repressive Communist regime.
  • Castro was forced to allow some free enterprise due to a stagnant economy, opening up Cuba to tourism. Then in 2008 Fidel Castro resigned.
  • Today Cuba is still a dictatorship. However, the end of an era came in 2014 when the USA and Cuba normalised relations. Today the population of Cuba is 11 million. And you can still see the cultural impact of its colourful history.

What about modern Cuba?

Modern Cuba

Today, Cuba is a melting pot of great food, drink and music. Renowned for its street parties and vibrant culture. With recent visits from the Hollywood A list, the worldwide smash hit ‘Despacito’ and of course it’s fantastic rum industry.


Among many things, Cuba is well renowned for being the Rum experts of the world with some of the world’s most famous bars and cocktail recipes originating from Cuba. It’s safe to say our Summer menu is host to a selection you won’t want to miss!

We have created 5 rum cocktails taking their inspiration from Cuba.

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El Nicho

Named after one of Cuba’s most famous waterfalls the El Nicho is, a refreshing twist on a rum punch cocktail. Made with Havana 3yr old rum, elderflower liqueur and sassy cider Rosé. Perfect for sipping on a summers day.

Rum & Plum Old Fashioned.

Cubans love their dark rum and there is no better way to enjoy the tastes of the Caribbean than drinking a good dark rum over ice. Our Cuban twist on the classic Old Fashioned, will have you dreaming of those warm tropical evenings. Stirring down Havana 7yr old rum, plum sake and dry curacao. Perfecto.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Daiquiri

Daiquiri simply means rum, lime and sugar, three staples of Cuban life. Our British nod to this timeless classic is the Strawberry & Rhubarb Daiquiri, mixed with Havana 3 yr old rum, Aperol, rhubarb, strawberry, passionfruit and lime.

Peachy Keen

Name the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the word Cuba…. MOJITO!.

The Peachy keen is our fruity twist on the Mojito, made with Havana 3yr old rum, peach liqueur, lime and mint. Welcome to summer.

Cuban Cooler

What is long, refreshing and combines rum and prosecco?... the Cuban Cooler!

Fresh and crisp, this beautiful cocktail combines Havana 3 yr old rum with Prosecco Santomè, ginger and lemon. A must try!

Music and Dance

Cuba is a country with its very own Rhythm, from the classic cars to the colourful buildings, you would expect nothing else. Music is at the heart of the island, blending Spanish melodies with African beats, Cuba has contributed a huge amount to world music, with Salsa, mambo and Cubop being the most well-known.

All though Salsa has its roots in New York, nobody is a renowned for it than the Cuban people. Combining Mambo, cha-cha-chá and swing, Salsa embodies the Cuban spirit and can be sure to hear Salsa, or its modern twin Timba as you wonder the Cuban Streets.


Cuba after dark

After the sun goes down, Havana's streets and squares are populated by Cubans cutting loose. Lovers dancing the Timba, teens blasting music from their phones, and everyone drinking rum late into the night. Known as Block 5 parties, Havana's locals take the meaning of 'street party' to a whole new level.

If not at one of the city's block 5 parties, you can find the locals in Fábrica de Arte, not just a cocktail bar but a living and breathing art institution. The late night theatres and restaurants are a popular location with the city coming to live once the sun goes down.

All summer Be At One are throwing our Summer after dark party, With a Cuban inspired menu, a Latin inspired playlist and a cocktail passport - come and collect your stamps and enjoy a small piece of Cuba.

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