Forget Dry Jan, we’re taking January and making it all about a “Bit of Me”

As the New Year starts, we’re finally nearly finished on the Christmas chocolate and cheese, and are looking at the year ahead…

It’s tough when you can’t follow the usual January journey – new gym membership (only to be used once), slyly returning Christmas gifts for gift vouchers, meeting up with friends for a few cocktails - to look with positivity at the upcoming weeks, but we’re going to try our best to start the new year with Be At One-esque oomph, getting back to healthy, happy and hopefully back to our local Be At One when we all can!

We’re not just talking New Year, New Me shenanigans (although we salute those who’re getting fit and sticking to their resolutions).

We’re talking getting back to the person who wore something other than PJs every day, and whose biggest source of social interaction wasn’t mumbling “thank you” to the poor postie struggling to the door every day with a precarious heap of parcels from our various online shopping sessions.

We love that person!

Check back through the month as we share some of our top tips from the teams at Be At One for getting yourself ready to tackle anything 2021 throws at you.




Being masterful cocktail makers, we are all about balance.

In our case, balance of flavours and textures to bring you the best cocktails!

From a self-care and happiness standpoint, it's just as important. Balance hard work with a bit of fun, exercise with recuperation and a few cocktails with a lot of water (we speak from experience)...

This week we're going to take you through how to make one of our fave cocktails - it's perfectly balanced, you can grab all the ingredients fairly easily and best of all tastes amazing!

Make yourself a fabulous espresso martini – see below for step-by-step instructions!


Espresso Martini


50ml Absolut Vodka

25ml Fresh Espresso

25ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

10ml Sugar Syrup

If you don't have something to measure with - use a shot glass/similar size measuring device and fill it up once for 25ml, then 2/5 full for 10ml.


Step 1: First off you want to chill your glass, fill it up with ice and leave it to get nice and cold.

Step 2: Next, grab your cocktail tin/whatever you've found to shake with - remember you have to shake hard so make sure it's got a tight seal!

Step 3: Pour in all the ingredients- careful with hot coffee!

Step 4: Add ice, pop on the lid & shake it really hard!

Do keep firm hold of your shaker - we've seen a few slip and slide across the bar accidentally...

Step 5: Empty your now beautifully chilled cocktail glass, and strain your delicious cocktail into it - use as fine a strainer as you can find to make sure all those little bits of ice don't go into your cocktail - we want all of that gorgeous coffee flavour to be in there!

Shake What Ya Mama Gave You!

We know, we’re a cocktail bar – what do we know of exercise? The answer is – honestly not much beyond keeping the party going all night and dancing the Candy!

Thankfully these guys know what they’re talking about!
We love the NHS for so many reasons, but did you know they also have exercise advice and videos online?

Everything from Couch to 5k to a 12 week fitness programme and our personal favourite – La Bomba dance workout!

Loads of our fave tunes with a full video guide to get you moving!

Nothing beats a bit of getting the blood pumping and we all know that exercise boosts your serotonin – yay for happy! We’ve put together some amazing Spotify playlists for you to listen to whilst you do whatever type of exercise gives you those happy endorphins – check them out here

Be sure to only do what your body is comfortable and capable of doing! Follow all the safety instructions!

Time For Some Self Care

Take time each day to do something just for you. Some suggestions we’ve had are going for a walk with a great podcast, meditation or quiet time (try and name all the Be At One cocktails you can remember and see how many you can get) or simply listening to some music you love without looking at any screens

For us it’s getting in a creative zone and making tasty cocktails ready for the weekend!

Check out the cocktail menu here

Get Yourself A Buddy

In the same way we’ve all got that one friend who can persuade us to have “just one more” cocktail at the end of a night out, sometimes we need someone else to help us stay strong and positive. Grab yourself a lockdown buddy (if house-mates are unavailable or unwilling try Zoom/Facetime for some buddy time), and do something as a power duo!

This can be anything – going for a walk (following all social distancing guidelines of course), playing a game online, learning something new together or just having a bit of a natter on a semi-regular basis.

Keep an eye on our social pages for some cocktail related activities you can do at home!

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