Team Success Stories

Danilo Lombardi

Learning and Development Manager

Aldo Vinci

Learning & Development Manager

Francesca Radin

General Manager

Kimberley Kim

Head of Training

Ren Watrobski

General Manager

Ricardas Znamenskas

Brand Ambassador

Serena Dixon

Training Co-Ordinator

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Danilo Lombardi


Danilo Flair

What is your job role?

Be At One Brand Ambassador

So, what do you do?

I represent Be At One during the events and competitions. I am also a trainer for the company and I support the new bar openings. My base store is Greek Street Soho.

Why did you join Be At One?

I came to London and I walked by Be At One in Piccadilly and I saw how much fun the bartenders were having inside.

What does Be At One mean to you?

2-4-1 Party, Cocktails, Happy, and Consistency.

If you were a Be At One cocktail what one would you be and why?

It's basically the mix between Italy (Where I come from) and England (My new home). It is a strong drink but with nice a taste, first time you may not like it but second time you will LOVE IT!

What’s your most memorable moment in Be At One so far?

7th October 2014 I won the bartender challenge and I became a Be At One Brand Ambassador in 2014.

What is your best bar tip?

I always try to understand what the guest needs before they ask me. For example if they come to the bar with an iPhone charged 10% they will be looking for a plug. I will try to make their experience in Be At One smooth and easy.