Jess, in her own words:

‘The main idea behind these drinks is that each one has shaped my career as a bartender, they have played a big part in my career to date! To have three drinks I created on the menu is unbelievable, and I hope people enjoy drinking them as much as I did creating them!".

New Woo

If you're a fan of the 80's classic, you'll love our fabulous twist - perfect for the modern age.

Tanqueray Gin - Peach Wine - Raspberry - Cranberry - Lemon - Peach Soda

Jess: "The New Woo was dedicated to one of my favourite bars that I have ever worked in, Be at One Epsom. It was there that I really grew as a bartender, and the famous 'Woo Woo' was our favourite after work drink!"


Grandma’s Sour

A grandma is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend. It's only fitting we re-imagine her favourite drink!

Bulleit Bourbon - Lemon - Egg White - lime peel & coconut oil infused chocolate wine

Jess: "The Grandma's Sour comes from a promise I made to my Grandma. I promised that I would name and create a drink for her when I first started bartending. The idea for the type of drink was easy, she always told me how she loved drinking whiskey sours - it’s a twist on the classic and she definitely approves!"


Jess ‘75

Named after the creator herself… Strong yet elegant, fizzy and refined. A unique take on the vintage French '75 cocktail.

Apple - Lemon - Prosecco - garnished with a sugar lick

Jess: "This drink was a combination of my two absolute favourite drinks. The 'Side Car', and the 'French 75' (hence the name!). It's delicious, you can trust me on this."


Don't forget, for every purchase of our limited-edition drinks, we will be donating 25p to Young Women’s Trust on your behalf!