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For the next generation of young women, age-old discrimination is having a devastating impact, not just on careers, but on finances, mental health, and hopes for the future. By supporting the Young Women's Trust you will help make sure that career stereotypes no longer exist. That young women are able to define their own vision of happy productivity. That society will value the unpaid work that women do. And that workplaces will be fair, respectful and equal.

Equality is possible. It is within our reach. We need to work together to achieve it!

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How does your support count?

£25 could give a young woman professional, in-depth feedback on her CV, giving her the best chance of getting an interview.

£155 could give a young woman campaigning training and the chance to share her views in Parliament.

£300 could give a young woman a whole course of careers coaching and CV feedback, helping her to recognise her skills, strengths and make a plan for the future.

£2,750 could give twelve young women a full day of in-depth public speaking training, so they can speak out about the injustices they face.

£5,000 could give nine young women a place on a residential weekend, which gives those furthest from power the chance to learn skills and share their experiences of economic injustice.

If you're interested in making a donation directly, please follow the link below.


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Research shows that engaging just 3.5% of the population in sustained campaigning has never failed to bring about change. You can be a key part of this movement and by taking action with Young Women’s Trust this International Women's Day you will help spread the word and raise funds to create real change for young women - through smashing sexist stereotypes, building safe workplaces and valuing the work of all young women.