New Cocktails

New Menu Alert! 

Our new cocktail menu is just around the corner and we’re a bit bloody excited!


Our amazing drinks development team have been hard at work behind the scenes giving you not 1, not 2 but 11 brand spanking new Cocktails, a whole range of Signature Long Drinks and (honestly, we’re spoiling you by this point) a load of snazzy new Shooters for those late night sessions!


Before the big launch we want to give a little sneak peak of our fave new products coming in β€οΈ 


Can you guess what type of drinks they'll be in?



New Product #1 - Tarquins Strawberry & Lime Gin


We love the gorgeous bottle of course, but what's inside is fab as well! 

What they say: Bringing a little bit of Cornish sunshine to every glass with our celebration of the great British strawberry.

What we say: We love this little fruity number and have put it in a new cocktail that we're sure is going to knock your socks off this summer!

The new cocktail has loads of fruit & bubbles - with a touch of watermelon to really get the holiday feels going. 



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Long Tooth Gin

New Product #2 - Longtooth Gin


What a statement bottle!

What they say: Delicious, decadent and unashamedly cool, it’s the spirit of the 60s, revived.

What we say: A totally awesome bottle with a stunner of a gin. It packs a punch and you can taste the care that's gone into making this grrrrrrreat spirit (see what we did there?)

One for the discerning gin drinker who wants something a bit special. And (!) 10% of their profits go towards protecting tigers in the wild ❀️



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Myst Salted Caramel

New Product #3 - Myst Salted Caramel Tequila Liqueur


Well to be honest this one isn't exactly a cocktail ingredient but it stands so well on it's own that we had to include it here!

What they say: Myst Salted Caramel is a tasty liqueur built around Tequila, flavoured with everyones favourite addition to any dessert - salted caramel.

What we say: This was so good the marketing team actually pinched a bottle from the first tasting sessions for the new menu. That says it all really, we're quite a discerning lot and have much experience in the field of tequila (drinking it anyway!).

It's not too sweet, slips down smooth and easy and is by far our favourite shot of the summer.



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