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Cocktail Sharers At Be At One

Start the party with a cocktail sharer

At Be At One, we like keeping things fresh with a timeless menu full of absolute 10/10s. When we mix drinks, we mix experiences that linger long after the final drop.

From delicious cocktails and shots, to a must-try range of cocktail sharers (available to pre-book and over the bar), we’ve got all the right ingredients for a night out to smash all other nights out.


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Our Cocktail Sharers

Available over the bar or as a pre-book option.

A Little Less Conversation cocktail sharer with 4 cocktails

A Little Less Conversation

We are the cocktail scientists after all...

Choose four* cocktails from the below:

⭐Mr Blue Skies*

You've Been Mango-ed

Spice Up Your Life

⭐Melon On My Mind

*Must be four of the same cocktail
*Mr Blue Skies is also available as alcohol free

All shook up package

All Shook Up


This one's for the Pornstar Martini lovers...

Choose six* cocktails from the below:

⭐Pornstar Martini

Berry Cherry

Sunset Margarita

*Must be six of the same cocktail

Baby Guinness shots

Always On My Mind

Did someone say shots? Or right, that was us...

This sharer includes 6 shots of either:

⭐Baby Guinness

⭐Jammy Doughnut


Deluxe Cocktails | Be At One


Here they are, our eight brand-new premium concoctions. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or just looking to mix up your night out, these sophisticated sips are sure to elevate your evening. 


⭐ Absinthe Colada
⭐ Blue Planet
⭐ Pearl Diver
⭐ Snapshot
⭐ Wee Beastie
⭐ Toasted Coconut Old Fashioned
⭐ Chilli Mango Margarita 
⭐ Cuban Holiday


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