It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Cocktails!

November 19, 2019

Winter is here again… how did that happen? It seemed like it was just yesterday that we were hanging out in the Summer sunshine, topping up that tan and living our best life.

Now it’s freezing outside, the nights are longer, and we’re worried that the sun may have gone into permanent hibernation...


Christmas… is nearly here.

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We love Christmas (who doesn’t!), and we especially Love the cocktails that come along with the holiday.

We’ve had our little elves working in the Be At One drinks workshop for months now, creating epic cocktails that will fill you with so much festive spirit, you’ll be ho ho ho’ing all the way through to January.

Four delicious boozy brews are winding their way to Be At One, launching today for a limited time only!

Go coo-coo for a Clementini

Sophistication in a glass, the simplest way to look elegant and professional at your Christmas work party is with a stylish Clementini.

No-one will even remember last year, when you thought the party was ‘fancy-dress’… instead of ‘fancily dressed’…

Pull up your Christmas Stocking(s)

Before filling up your Christmas stockings, fill up on a Christmas Stocking. This gin filled cocktail will get even the biggest Scrooge singing ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’!

Disclaimer: NoGuaranteeOfTheSingingBeingInTune

Run over for a Ruby-rum Fashioned

Prefer rum to whiskey? We’ve got you covered with this Christmassy take on the classic Old Fashioned.

Plus, everyone is always saying how good coconut oil is for you... So that makes this… healthy? … Maybe not. Yummy though.

Woah we’re half-way there,woah… Living On a Pear

Shrug off the winter blues with this absolute delight of a cocktail - fruity, festive and full of booze, just how we like them!

Also, just a warning, you will now get the lyrics wrong to Living on a Prayer for the remainder of your days…

So there we have it.

The lights are up, carollers are carolling, and our Christmas cocktail menu is officially live! All the necessary things for a good Christmastime.

Get booking your Christmas party in as soon as possible to avoid missing out, these cocktails are sure to attract a crowd!

Written by Charlie Dearden