Old Fashioned But Never Out of Style: Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Cocktail Week Hits Be At One!

November 1, 2019

Here at Be At One, we are mad about cocktails. We live and breathe to bring you the best in mixology, so it should be no surprise to anyone that we have perfected the art of creating the Old-Fashioned: The King of cocktails.


Now we all know the recipe; grab your sugar, bitters and dissolve it in a glass… Fill with ice and lovingly stir in your bourbon, then get fancy with an orange peel and voila! But how did it come about? And why is it so relevant today?

Cast your mind back to the 1800’s…

Queen Victoria is trending on Instagram and Beethoven has just dropped his latest track on Spotify (we’re almost positive this is how it went down back then). You pull on your hoop skirt or breeches and totter on down to the ye old tavern, where the local barkeep tells you of a brand-new drink that’s just made it across the pond…

Was it someone from the Chicago Tribune who first created the drink? Or, as most believe, a bartender from the Pendennis gentleman’s club in Louisiana? Maybe it was someone unknown, who spent the rest of their lives fuming at never having gotten credit for the famous beverage.

So many have claimed to have created the iconic cocktail, that we doubt we’ll ever know for sure… A bit like how we’ll never be entirely sure where double denim came from; although we may need a few Old-Fashioned cocktails down us to try and forget that entire trend…

In any case, the Old-Fashioned captured hearts from the get-go, especially in America, which could have had a lot to do with the suave simplicity, the great taste… or the fact that the bartender handed the entire bottle of bourbon over instead of pouring a measure… Sorry guys, we don’t do that anymore!


despite this, the Old Fashioned has remained a staple in the bartending world and only grew in popularity as time went on. Now, it is the number one most popular cocktail in the world… Which sounds like an excellent excuse for a celebration to us!

We have teamed up with our friends at Woodford Reserve to join in with the famous Old-Fashioned Week!

From 1st November to 10th November, you’ll be able to flash your Be At One app to get this revered cocktail for a measly fiver. Oh yes, just five English pounds, just for the week, and just in time to chase away the Halloween hangover. Sounds like a win to us!

Head on down to our cosy Lyceum Covent Garden Bar or to any of our Be At One bars with your Be At One App to participate in this wonderful celebration of 'a drink that launched a thousand drinks'.

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