Be At One rewards is finally here and it was, for sure, worth the wait!

It’s simple really: the more cocktails you have, the more points you get. From complimentary cocktails, extra birthday bar tabs to invites to exclusive events, we have it all covered. We have launched our new rewards app to give back to all you lovely folk and to thank you for continuing to love and support us.

What are you waiting for? Check it out!

How it works

- Download or update our app

- Register your details

- Head into any Be At One cocktail bar to get your app scanned

- Complete actions to gather points... the more points, the more prizes you win!

How to earn points

It's not just buying cocktails that gets you points - there are plenty of other ways you can collect them!

From signing into our in-bar Wi-Fi, to making a new booking, or visiting a new Be At One bar - you'll be surprised at all the ways you can collect points.

Check out the Rewards section of our app to find out more about how you can earn points.

  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play

Appi Hour

Want to know a secret? If you download our App you can get an extra hour of Happy Hour when it ends in the bar, easy!

  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play
Appi Hour


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