Ready to get your Pride on?!

Keep on scrollin’ for a little look into our LGBTQIA+ community here at Be At One who, by being who they are, help make us who we are. 

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Pride month has arrived, and we couldn’t be more proud of all of our LGBTQIA+ team members! 

We’ve shaken up some fabulous specials to honour the occasion with a proper toast to Pride, so let’s have a little look at our crowned tipples and the LGBTQ+ icons we’ve chosen to commemorate…because it’s not Be At One without some signature sips, right?

Lily Savage

Lily Savage

It’s pretty clear who this cocktail is here to honour. This bold, bad*ss blondie, created by the much-loved Paul O’Grady, brought drag to the TV screens, and she wasn’t scared to fight against homophobia while she was at it. 

One of her most famous lines came during a raid on the Royal Vauxhall Tavern during the AIDS epidemic, where police arrived kitted in rubber gloves for fear of infection. Her response was ‘Oh good, have you come to do the washing up?’. Enough said.

Lily – you’re the best.

Pay It No Mind

Pay It No Mind

Heard this catchphrase before? This cocktail is in honour of the gay rights activist, drag queen and all-round icon Marsha P. Johnson, who played a vital role in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. 

The P in Marsha’s name stood for the phrase ‘pay it no mind’, which Marsha often used when asked about their gender identity. We love the unbothered energy, but it’s impossible for this fresh little sip to go unnoticed…

Here’s to you, Marsha!